What plants are good for shade?

Tuberous begonias are outstanding in the colors that they come in. They have large flowers and are non-stop in putting on blooms. Impatiens and double impatiens that look like rosebuds come in every color imaginable. Torenia or clown plant has an open throat with a wishbone in it. Comes in blue or pink. Mimulus or monkeyplant comes in shades of red and yellow.

What’s the secret to putting together a window box?

There is really no secret to window boxes. Just important steps.

Choose the colors that you find pleasing. Use a box with drainage, new potting soil (possibly adding compost or SoilMoist to retain moisture), osmocote for fertilizer and then add your favorite plants. We’re happy to help you.

What perennials are good for the sun?

There are many tried and true. The ground Phlox is in bloom now as well as candytuft and snowcap arabis. Later, delphiniums, echinacea (cone flowers), rudbeckia (brown-eyed Susans), coreopsis, Salvia, tall Phlox, Sedum ( both groundcovers and tall). We have hundreds including many not so common.

What perennials are good for shady areas?

Primrose, lily-of-the-valley, Trollius (double buttercup), hosta (of course), columbine, Doronicum, ferns, grasses, day lilies, iris and many, many more.

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