Refillable Hanging Baskets

Our special refillable hanging basketsĀ have proven to be very popular and is a perfect way to re-use.Risbara purple and whte hanging basket

This year you buy one of the special refillable hanging baskets, enjoy it all season then bring back the empty basket at the end of the season.

Next winter we’ll replant it and have it big and beautiful by mid-May. It’s an awesome Mother’s Day present.

When you pick it up, you only have to pay the price of a 10″ hanging basket. These are 14″ containers!

We ask that you have it back to us by February 2, empty, with your name and phone number in(on) it and the culture tags if you want it replanted the same way. If you want it changed, we can do that too.

We’d like you to pick it up no later than May 15.

Risbara hanging basket




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